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Secure your copy of Risk Dollarisation® by Jillian L Hamilton.

Risk Dollarisation is an invaluable tool to understanding The Financial Approach to Non-Financial Risk.

A ground-breaking approach to risk management in business

Multimillion-dollar companies around the world are losing millions and they don’t even know it.

In the past, Non-Financial Risk (safety) has been approached from a sociological and psychological perspective.

Risk Dollarisation® presents The Financial Approach to Non-Financial Risk. This is a quantitative, factual and measurable account of your business's Damage Costs.

This book will explore:

  • What you haven’t been told about your business risk portfolio
  • What they don’t assess in merger and acquisitions reviews
  • How you can reduce your Damage Costs and increase your profits
  • The brand-new way to approach risk management

The author also explores the implications of the changing way we work, including automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and the gig/informal economies, and how this will impact your risk management and bottom line.

Risk Dollarisation® will assure the best outcome for your workforce and the fiscal health of your business.




Chapter 1: Money Talks

Chapter 2: Profit Pipeline

Chapter 3: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Chapter 4: ROI on Prevention

Chapter 5: The Cost if Damage

Chapter 6: Losing Control of Your Budget

Chapter 7: Merging Your Budget

Chapter 8: Value Perception

Chapter 9: Risk Dollarisation®

Chapter 10: Safety Financial Reporting

Chapter 11: Create Action

Chapter 12: Futurist Thinking


  1. Appendix – Interview with JL Hamilton on Robotics & AI
  2. Appendix – Legislative Review – Shortfalls of Legislation Regarding Artificial Intelligence & Humaniod Robots
  3. Appendix – Resources – References for Book Risk Dollarisation®
  4. Appendix – Glossary - Definitions for Book Risk Dollarisation®
  5. Appendix – Acknowledgements
  6. Appendix – About the Author
  7. Appendix – Appearances
  8. Appendix – Awards
  9. Appendix – Trademarking & Patents
  10. Appendix – Additional Products
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